Quantenna Communications, Inc. is a leading developer of silicon for intelligent wireless networking that delivers guaranteed high-speed wireless bandwidth in any size home, anytime, anywhere. The company’s patented technology ensures guaranteed bandwidth in Wi-Fi home networks, wireless enterprise networking systems and consumer electronics devices for delivery of real-time video, Internet protocol television (IPTV) and high definition television (HDTV).

Quantenna’s family of chipsets are the only standards-compliant 802.11n silicon that can deliver guaranteed and predictable bandwidth because of they uniquely combine – in a single chipset – a 4×4 radio transceiver/antenna, concurrent dual band mode, mesh networking and transmit (Tx) beamforming. These semiconductors offer unprecedented performance of up to 1 Gbps for multimedia transmissions over wireless networks within homes and the reliability carriers demand to deliver triple-play services.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
11/01/07 Series B 12.7M Grazia Equity, Sequoia Capital, Sigma Partners, Venrock Associates Unknown
04/01/09 Series C 13.85M Southern Cross Venture Partners, Grazia Equity, Sequoia Capital, Sigma Partners, Venrock Associates Unknown
02/01/10 Series D 15M Grazia Equity, Sequoia Capital, Sigma Partners, Southern Cross Venture, Partners, Swisscom, Venrock Associates Unknown
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