Quantum Voyage


Quantum Voyage is the brain child of Rich Lewine and Steve Dodd. Rich is an organization development consultant, 30 years worth; and Steve is a chemical engineer, cum programmer. They met when Steve and his family business were clients of Rich’s in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Skipping the details, by 2004 they had created GoalTrak(R) Personal Version, a PC based personal goal setting and tracking program. Steve had done a marvelous job of programming and those clients that Rich introduced it to really liked it. Things continued to just mosey along until mid 2006. About this time, the ASP/SaaS model was enjoying some positive exposure, thanks mainly to Salesforce.comĀ®. Being the closet techie that he is, Rich said, “Steve, it’s time for the web.” Voila! GoalTrak(R)EV was born.

Quantum Voyage is now represented in the UK by http://LinkManagementGroup.com



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