Quindi develops application software which allows for the recording of meetings. Quindi turns meetings into reusable documents, enabling users to capture the full value of their spoken interactions. The Quindi Meeting Companion is a desktop software application that allows professionals to capture and share meetings, presentations, or conference calls as indexed meeting files. Key points can later be recalled, and complete meetings or designated portions can be shared easily with others. To use the Quindi Meeting Companion, you just need a PC/laptop and a microphone or webcam. As the meeting takes place, the software captures audio, data and images in a fully indexed form. The result is stored on your PC as a meeting file that can be compacted for easy sharing via servers or email. The key to making captured meetings usable is indexing: the time-stamped markers that let viewers locate the important stuff quickly. Viewers can navigate through a meeting by slide, keyword, note, scre


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
02/04/04 Series A 2.5M Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Band of Angels Unknown