UltraShort Pulse lasers have compelling capabilities that can deliver major benefits to hundreds of lucrative markets. The problem is that that technology is impractical. It’s too expensive. It requires highly trained Ph.D.’s to operate. And while scientists in research labs have shown how USP photonics can revolutionize important applications, today’s USP systems don’t have the throughput they need for most real world applications. Our vision is to liberate USP technology from the university lab domain and put it into the hands of hundreds and then thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs. In short, Raydiance’s mission is to make USP technology accessible.

Our vision is to see Raydiance USP technology power a new generation of products and services that revolutionize medicine; transform materials processing and manufacturing; and change the business of defense forever.

(source: http://raydiance-inc.com)


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
11/01/08 Series D 20M Greenstreet Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson Unknown
06/01/10 Series E 1.25M Unknown