Established in 2002 by Eric Ralls, RedOrbit operates as a preeminent website devoted to health, science, space, and technology through videos, articles, and images. The site covers all of the ideological spectrums of these topics, from videos capturing solar eclipses and lunar changes to articles related to new technological developments in mobile phones and computer software. RedOrbit also offers more than 1.5 million pages of intellectually oriented content presented in an intuitive, easily navigable format.

Upon first entering RedOrbit, visitors gain access to items such as Images of the Day and the most recent science headlines. Readers may also peruse top videos or learn a new Word of the Day. Recent articles in the health segment of RedOrbit include explanations of how the brain handles odors and how new blood tests may be able to predict a heart attack. Articles also cover topics such as wellness, cancer, NASA developments, and green energy, among many others.