RedZone Robotics

RedZone Robotics simplifies wastewater management by providing municipal clients with the information and tools necessary to address their most valuable wastewater assets – their sewer pipes. At RedZone we deliver high performance pipeline inspection products and services for municipalities, contractors and engineering firms across North America.

Wastewater management is of critical environmental importance to the world’s urban areas. The EPA estimates that U.S. investments in wastewater will need to increase by over $150 billion over the next two decades to maintain current service levels if new spending and operations practices are not adopted.

RedZone takes advantage of Pittsburgh’s engineering talent and invigorated business atmosphere to combine world class robotic inspection technologies with sophisticated data analysis software. The result is truly useful information that is required by municipalities worldwide to reduce spending and negative environmental impacts.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
09/01/11 Other 25M ABS Capital Unknown