Rent-A-Skilll is revolutionizing the workforce by being the first Website of its kind that puts the consumer in direct contact with the private skilled individual.

When consumers need to have something done that requires skill they have 3 choices:

1. Make use of a business or company .They employ individuals to make a profit from their skills, so the consumer end up paying more.

2. Do it yourself. This is probably the most cost effective way to go, but not everyone has the time or skill required to complete the job.

3. Contract a private individual who is experienced in the skill they require. This is the best option! The consumers are now RENTING THE SKILL DIRECT FROM THE PERSON THAT OWNS IT, and it is far cheaper since there is no business/company profits involved.

The only problem with the last option was that no-one knew where to find these skilled individuals… Until now!

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