Replisaurus Technologies

Replisaurus Technologies, founded in 2002, has developed the patented ECPR™ process for fabrication of micro- and nanostructures in metals. Using ECPR, the accuracy of metallization for microelectronic applications can be increased at the same time as the cost can be significantly reduced compared to using traditional lithography based processes.

Replisaurus offers complete production solutions including master electrodes, fully integrated ECPR tools, chemicals and processing guidelines.

If you are interested in the unique processing capabilities enabling new advanced microelectronic devices, consider ECPR as your next generation production method.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
08/22/06 Series A 14.4M Wellington Partners, Northzone Ventures, KTH Seed Capital, FBBB, Aumar Unknown
11/01/08 Series B 8.8M Noble Venture Rinance, Noble Venture Finance Unknown


James Quinn (CEO)

Patrik Moller (VP of Technology Integration)

Mikael Fredenberg (VP of Process Integration)

Alan Cuthbertson (VP of Mastering Technology)

Guido Groet (CFO)

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