Sand 9, Inc. is a venture funded startup company dedicated to the design of components that will dramatically improve the performance and increase the capabilities of wireless devices. Our disruptive proprietary technology offers a magnitude of improvement over existing products.

Size, cost and lack of integration severely limit the potential of wireless systems. Using our advanced nanomechanical device technology, Sand 9 is improving the current components of wireless transceivers that, until now, have been impossible to miniaturize or integrate into other systems.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
07/01/08 Series A 8M Flybridge Capital Partners, General Catalyst Partners Unknown
06/01/12 Series C 23M Intel Capital, Vulcan Capital Unknown


Juergen Schoepf (VP Engineering)

Matt Crowley (VP Business Development)

Raj Mohanty (CTO)

Hemant Taneja (Board Member)

Vincent Graziani (Board Member)

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