SayNow is a free service that lets fans and celebrities connect with one another via voice and text messaging. Essentially each celebrity is given a unique phone number, which fans can call to leave messages or which celebrities can use to leave messages for their fans to tell them directly what they’re up to. Through this form of voice and text messaging, SayNow provides a unique and personal way for fans and celebrities to communicate.
As a service, SayNow is primarily geared toward musical artists and their fans. SayNow is being used by a number of popular music artists (listed on their site) as well as by Universal Music Group, EMI, RCA Music Group, and others. Nonetheless, SayNow is available to anyone who has a large audience or following including entertainers, politicians, and community leaders. As an optional service, the company even lets broadcasters earn revenue by including relevant sponsorships in text or voice messages.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
09/01/07 Series A 7.5M Shasta Ventures, Tugboat Ventures Unknown


Jonn Beames (Sr. Software Engineer)

Janahan Vivekanandan (Architect)

Prashanth Ranganathan (Product Manager)

Shailesh Bavadekar (Sr. Engineer)

Mark Kidder (Director of Operations)

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