SecuriMobile is your stop for mobile security. Our lightweight, patent-pending voice biometric technology gives customers confidence in purchasing items and managing their bank accounts on their mobile phones. It also gives companies confidence that their employees can access the company intranet or email without compromising sensitive data when the phone is lost or stolen.

SecuriMobile understands the impact that losing your smartphone with personal and critical data can have on you. We also recognize that passwords can easily be guessed, hacked, and forgotten making them less secure and less convenient than your very own voice. Therefore, to secure you and your mobile phone, we ensure that your irreplaceable voice is your password.


Bertrand Damiba (Founder & CEO)

Sunil Palacherla (Founder & Chief Architect)

Sarah Laiwala (Founder & Director of Marketing)

Nadim Laiwala (Founder & Director of Finance)

Fernando Guayasamin (Founder & Director of Mobile Engineering)

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