Sense Networks, Inc. indexes the real world using real-time and historical location data for predictive analytics across multiple industries.

Just as pages on the internet have been indexed and ranked in order to enable a better search experience, Sense Networks has developed patent-pending machine- learning technology to index and rank real world places, based on movement data between these places at different times.

The movement data, or location data, is collected in bulk and real-time from devices with GPS or WiFi positioning technology, such as mobile phones and automobiles. The result of this analysis is a rich profile of each location in a given city, at any given time, that can then be used to better understand visitors and anticipate their needs.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/01/08 Series A 3M Drobny Global, The Challenge Funds, Passport Capital Unknown


Greg Skibiski (CEO, Co-Founder)

Alex Pentland (Chief Privacy Advocate, Co-Founder)

Tony Jebara (Chief Scientist, Co-Founder)

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