Sensys Networks products bring an unprecedented level of performance and simplicity to the growing need for traffic monitoring on freeways and arterials and traffic signal controls at intersections. A leader in ultra low-power wireless sensor networking, Sensys Networks has developed the VDS240 family of vehicle detection products. Wireless sensor networking is a breakthrough technology that combines sophisticated networking software with highly integrated radio and sensor chips to enable sensing applications on a scale – and at a cost- unthinkable until now. With the VDS240, it is now possible to deploy vehicle detection at a much higher density and at a fraction of the initial installation and maintenance costs of currently prevalent technologies such as inductive loops, video cameras, and radar.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
10/02/06 Series B 4.25M Scott Cook, ComVentures, Horizon Ventures, Velocity Interactive Group Unknown
07/25/08 Series C 5M Garrett Gruener, Voyager Capital, Velocity Interactive, Horizon Ventures Unknown


Hamed Benouar (VP Business Development)

Michael Wynblatt (Board Member)

Robert Kavaler (VP Engineering)

Pravin Varaiya (Board Member)

Barry Matlack (Director of Sales & Business Development)

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