Signet Solar is a global company founded to design and manufacture large area, low cost, thin film silicon Photovoltaic (PV) modules. Led by a management team with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, technology commercialization and global operations, Signet Solar plans to accelerate adoption of solar energy in commercial and remote applications by rapidly reducing the cost of solar modules.
“Signet” is a seal, especially one used officially to mark documents, or the impression made with a seal.
Signet Solar wants to leave its impression by making solar energy a viable choice for a sustainable energy future. Signet Solar plans to ramp production near Dresden Germany, using a fully-integrated thin film solar production line by mid-2008. Based on this initial platorm, its research and development center will develop and implement innovative device architectures and manufacturing methods.


Rajesh Jain (Board Member)

Sanjay Arora (VP Finance)

Ajit Manocha (EVP Operations)

Jan Lobbezoo (Board Member)

Karl-Heinz Stegemann (VP Technology)

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