Site of Care Systems

Site of Care offers online charting and data management solutions for antepartum testing, labor and delivery unit, regular and intensive care nursery and developmental follow-up clinic. Site of Care is used to track a variety of newborn screening… Newborn Hearing, Metabolic Testing, submission of Vital Statistics to local and state agencies, Vermont Oxford Network statistics, ORYX Measures, etc. Site of Care’s products also automate the production of state birth certificates and medical documentation. Site of Care Systems’ products enable simplified compliance with regulatory agencies such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals and Health Care Organizations; and with state, health plan, and employer coalitions’ demands for reliable data on rates of caesarian sections, complications, and mortality.



Singleton Labs: Singleton Labs. was founded in November of 2001 as a charting components vendor for software developers.… See Company Profile »

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