Snugg Home, LLC

Snugg Home is a technology development and marketing company dedicated to advancing the energy efficiency of existing buildings across the nation.

Snugg Home has designed a process and the software to make home energy retrofits extremely simple for homeowners, contractors, auditors, and program administrators, while harnessing the power of social media to build awareness through peer referrals and group contests.

Our software connects the homeowner with municipal or utility programs, energy auditors, contractors, financing, and quality assurance inspectors. With log-ins and dashboards for each of these groups, Snugg Home brings everyone together into one convenient place.

Primary customers include
1. Energy efficiency program implementers, such as local governments, non-profits, private sector entities, and utilities.
2. Contractors and auditors who benefit from an audit tool built for speed, accuracy and improved close rates


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
12/01/10 Seed Unknown Unknown


Ann Livingston (Director of Market Development)

Jeff Friesen (Co-Founder / Principal)

Benjamin Mailian (Co-Founder / Principal)

Adam Stenftenagel (Co-Founder / Principal)

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