Socialtext was founded on the vision that technologies emerging in the consumer web offered far better social dynamics than any enterprise software. The opportunity we saw was to create a new social context for organizations and the people who make up those organizations. So we set out to adapt for enterprise use what is now called Web 2.0. In the turbulent times of 2001, Socialtext emerged the company that founded Enterprise 2.0.

At Socialtext, we believe in the power of people to be open and change faster, together. When technology doesn’t get in their way, people have an abundant desire to share and collaborate. When companies empower their people to work openly they gain leverage and competitive advantage. When companies work openly, whether by open standards or open communication, they foster trusting relationships. Now is the time to realize a new way of working, and we are committed to achieving it for our customers faster than any other vendor in the market.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
06/01/03 Series A 0.2M Loic Le Meur, Joi Ito, Marc Pincus, Reid Hoffman Unknown
06/01/04 Series A 0.4M Omidyar Network Unknown
06/01/05 Series B 4M Draper Fisher Jurvetson, SAP Ventures Unknown
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Julie Hanna Farris (Board Member)

Jimmy Wales (Co-founder)

Eugene Lee (CEO)

Ross Mayfield (Chairman, President & Co-founder)

Peter Kaminski (CTO & Co-founder)

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