What is Spotcher?

The heart and soul of Spotcher are the interactive overlays or “hotspots” you build to add information to your videos or connect them to content-related products you want to sell.

Why Spotcher?

Spotcher is a simple approach to a complex problem. How to monetize online video. It’s designed for bloggers, site owners, small businesses, professionals and marketers.

So You’re Not a “One Stop Shop”?

We don’t host your videos. We just deliver the overlays. “One stop shops” can be right for some, but if you want control over your video destiny, better to pick and choose.

Okay, Hit Us With the Price.

Our plans are very competitive. Add overlays to one or two videos for free (and stay on our free plans for us long as you want), or add up to 10 overlays for just $5 a month.

Who is Spotcher?

The core of the the Spotcher management team is Simon Gornick and Sara Jacobson. Sara’s our web development guru, Simon’s the pitch guy, dreamer, and glad-hander.

Where is Spotcher?