Streamcore System

Streamcore System is a leading technological provider of Application Traffic Management solutions, which provide companies with the tools required to control their ever-evolving network, and guarantee information system performance in accordance with business priority. Streamcore equipments automatically accelerate applications on the WAN according to their business priority. They avoid network slowdown and congestion, which directly result in serious business losses. Streamcore solutions increase the capacity of existing infrastructures while aligning them dynamically with the company’s business priorities. Therfore, they provide a concrete and sustainable solution to the recurrent dilemma, whether to keep costs under control or ensure that critical applications operate perfectly.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
03/28/07 Series B 7M Auriga Partners, Convergent Capital, OTC Asset Management Unknown


Diaa Elyaacoubi (President)

Eric Jeux (CEO)

Frédéric Hédiard (Chief Product Strategist)

Remi Lucet (Chief Scientific Officer)

John Badillo (SVP Sales)

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