SupportMart Technical Services

Founded in January 2011, we’re a trusted name in technical support industry. We offer online tech support for computers to consumers and SMBs (small medium businesses). With embarking steps in USA and Canada, we are expanding our business in the markets of UK and Australia.

SupportMart acts as one-stop solution for 24/7 available on-demand and online tech support. Our experts have solutions for almost every problem. Your computer could be of any brand, be it out-of-warranty. Our area of expertise includes computers, Operating Systems, applications, antivirus, Web browsers, printers, scanners, digital cameras, MP3 players, and other peripherals.


Japinder Kaur (Chief Financial Officer)

Sumeet Kaur (Senior Vice President)

Ashish Khanna (President)

Nirvair Singh (Executive Director)

Amitoz Singh (CEO & Founder)

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