Suruk is an ideophone in several Dravidian languages. It stands for dearness in price, a problem we have set out to solve; smartness and diligence that we advocate; and speed and swiftness, which we seek to provide.[1][2]

We, the daily commuters in autorickshaws, face several problems. The biggest painpoint* is meter-tampering by auto owners and drivers. Apart from this most common pain, we have seen several incidents of crimes like robbery, kidnap, rape, and murder, perpetrated on commuters. There’re also the twin problems of rising fuel costs and the ecological impact from auto emissions. Suruk is our answer to these problems. At the same time, not all auto drivers are bad, and the system needs to reward them with more hires, tips, and awards.

*a majority of the respondents to our email survey cited meter-tampering to be their biggest painpoint.