SwapThing enables the trade and barter of any combination of items and services between consumers and small businesses, using cash to offset unequal exchanges. SwapThing offers free registration and listing, with transaction fees of $1.00 for each exchange of goods, no matter how many items are in the swap, and of $10.00 for the exchange of services. Unlike competitors, SwapThing is barter-based as opposed auction-based, allowing completely private, one-on-one negotiations. The SwapThing search engine matches items offered to items wanted, a unique system of direct exchange between users, and a rating system to build trustworthiness. Based in Silicon Valley, SwapThing also enables the creation and joining of SwapCircles to build strong communities and social networks for traders of like interests. SwapThing is a group of dedicated swappers who wanted an easier way to get things without parting with their beloved greenbacks.


Jessica Hardwick (CEO/Founder)

Levy Cohen (Board Member)

Carolann Minor (Director of Human Resources)

Roger Kohlmeier (Board Member)

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