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T-RAM invented the TCCT (Thin-Capacitively-Coupled-Thyristor) process to address the growing need for a ‘better’ RAM technology that would have all the positive high-performance attributes of traditional six-transistor SRAM (6T-SRAM) but at much higher density than 6T-SRAM can muster. Our TCCT technology is capable of producing high-density, high-performance, discrete and embeddable RAM products that will lower our customers costs while bringing the ‘next-generation’ density SRAM more than one technology generation or more sooner than 6T-SRAM technology. Our initial products are a full set of the High Performance Synchronous SRAM’s, based on our TCCT technology, which will become available in the next few months. All of our products are 100% compatible with all the existing SRAM products on the market today. After these exciting products roll out, we will be bringing to market additional product lines in which our TCCT technology brings a clear market advantage to you – our customer.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/12/05 Series C 40M Centerpoint Ventures, InterWest Partners, Mayfield Fund, NEA, Tallwood Venture Capital, U.S. Venture Partners Unknown


Dado Banatao (Board member)

Chenming Hu (Board member)

Mark Horowitz (Board member)

Scott Robins (Board member)

David Ladd (Board member)

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