Target Discovery is a discovery biology company that seeks to alleviate critical bottlenecks imposed by current technologies upon drug development and life science research. The company is developing new platform technologies for the elucidation of high quality biological data and for the conversion of that information into a confirmed understanding of biological pathways. This From Omics To Knowmics™ strategy is the key to pathway understanding that enables new efficiencies in the identification, selection and development of optimal disease targets, biomarkers and drug candidates. Target Discovery is introducing selected technology platforms in reagent and software product formats, and is initiating discovery collaborations with interested partners. TDI’s initial commercial products and services are focused on isoform-specific protein biomarker discovery and diagnostics (isoformics).


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
08/03/03 Series A 7M Scott Cook, CSS LLC Unknown


David Bomberger (Director of Manufacturing)

Michael Brasseur (Director of Business Development)

Clayton Struve (Board Member)

Rebecca Caffrey (Director of Business Development)

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