TBWE.com is TheBestWebsiteEver.com, a revolutionary advertising and prize winning experience where visitors can vote for their favorite brands and be rewarded for doing so, while over 25% of profits go to charity. Whichever charity receives the most votes each month on TheBestCharityEver.com category gets the donation.

TBWE was built with the voter and advertiser in mind. Users can vote in over 200 categories, upload individual pictures, post comments, and watch their favorites move on the page in front of them with each vote they place. Advertisers who pay just $1/day ($365/year) have their logos highlighted in gold, are linked to their own websites, and are notified immediately when TBWE users vote for them and beat the category voting odds. They can log in at any time during their 365 day term to view valuable demographic information (age, country, state, zip code, gender, education level, income level and ethnicity) of all of their voters in Microsoft Excel format.