Tempo Payments


Tempo provides retailers a low-cost alternative to Visa and MasterCard that delivers significant savings and revenue growth opportunities. The company operates a PIN-based payment network that uses retailer-issued and branded debit cards. Retailers issuing and accepting Tempo-enabled debit cards are charged dramatically lower interchange rates, reducing their payment processing costs. Participating retailers can pass on a portion of the savings to consumers in the form of incentives and discounts, which increases customer loyalty and drives more frequent and larger purchases.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
07/06/07 Series C 5M Cardinal Venture Capital, Integral Capital Partners, Selby Venture Partners, HSBC Retail Services Unknown


Barry Beckman (VP Risk and Compliance)

Barry Boerstler (Board Member)

R. Hatfield (VP Business Development)

John Lannan (Board Member)

Anthony Ruebner (VP Sales & Relationship Management)

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