The Keen Agency, Inc

The Keen Agency, Inc., operates as a licensed and bonded modeling agency with offices in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, and Florida. Under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer, President, and founder Deborah Keen, the company matches new and experienced talent with jobs in modeling, television, and movies. The Keen Agency, Inc., opened in 2009 and has already established an extensive database of premier talent.

The Keen Agency, Inc., functions as a traditional modeling agency—not a school. CEO Deborah Keen possesses more than 25 years of experience in the modeling world. She founded her agency in response to an industry she felt was stagnating, leveraging technology to revolutionize the process of connecting models with jobs. The Keen Agency, Inc., maintains a proprietary database with informational pages on all talent. Through the database profiles, agents ensure that models attend open calls and interviews for the jobs that best suit their looks and experience.