The application that you were just viewing, the thismoment Distributed Engagement Channel (“DEC” or the “Service”), is created and hosted by thismoment, Inc. for our partner whose content and brand are featured in the DEC. The DEC is a multi-media application that enables our partner to tell you about its products or special events, while also allowing you, the user, to participate in the experience by submitting your own content, such as comments, photos and videos. The DEC pulls in content about our partner’s products from multiple social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace and Flickr. The DEC may appear on the website of one or more of those social networks, but it is operated by thismoment, and not by the website where it is embedded. The non-user content is provided by our partner whose brand is featured.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
11/01/11 Series A 7.3M Sierra Ventures Unknown
06/01/12 Series C 22M Trident Capital Unknown