TigerLogic Corporation


TigerLogic (Nasdaq: TIGR) employs more than 100 people in four countries and offers its customers global access to its software, professional services and 24×7 technical support services.

Competitive advantage in business relies on the ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge. TigerLogic’s end-to-end solutions make it easy and cost-effective to launch initiatives that drive engagement. Our products and services provide the platform on which over 4,000 business applications rely. Built on proven technologies, TigerLogic helps control data and transform it into business intelligence and engagement. Businesses built on TigerLogic products generate estimated worldwide sales in excess of $3 billion annually.


Thomas Lim (CFO, VP)

Carlton Baab (President & CEO)

Thomas Limm (Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance and Secretary)

Richard Koe (Interim President, Interim CEO)

Gerald Chew (SVP)

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