Top Gun Executive

The Top Gun Executive Group has been placing qualified executives in management positions with major corporations across the country for more than a decade. Operating from Houston, Texas, the diverse team of experienced recruiters at The Top Gun Executive Group is led by Principal Executive and company founder Craig Chrest. Turning the traditional recruitment model upside down, Craig Chrest and The Top Gun Executive Group work collaboratively with job-seeking executives to navigate the complex and unpredictable job market.

The most difficult time for all:

The recent recession had us feeling like it would be the end of the road. While a lot of colleagues and acquaintances had to either leave the job suo motu or they were asked to tender their resignations, I was lucky that I went unscathed in both the attempts to downsize the company’s employees.

At times, it feels surreal:

The feeling at that time was that of horror. It was not like the company was terrible or that it was making life terrible for us but the fact was that there was so much economic gloom around that the company thought that if it did not downsize the existing staff number, it would have not been able to disburse their remuneration in the first place.

I knew that I had to think of something fast:

It was during those days that I turned to God for strength and endurance. I had two young children and my wife and parents to look after. I was praying regularly. I thanked him for saving my job. Deep inside, I was shaken. I thought that may be the next round of attrition would see me out of the company, thankfully no such thing happened!

I heaved a sigh of relief:

I did not want to be cornered. So I started doing research on the internet. I hit upon this wonderful site called the that told me how I could use automated robot to be able to make a decent amount of money and I jumped at the thought of it. There had to something that we could fall back on. Now I was no longer  afraid of losing my job. Log on to this wonderful website now! While this process necessitates an upfront retainer, it allows The Top Gun Executive Group to operate without charging fees to hiring corporations. Leveraging advanced sales techniques and years of experience, the recruiters at the firm have established a pipeline of employment opportunities to generate consistent results for clients. Instead of producing a surplus of sub par opportunities, this personalized approach cultivates a select few job offerings specific to

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