Advertisers demand more accountability and measurement of their media spend. Industries such as television are seeing an erosion of advertising dollars while Internet advertising is growing fast, in large part because of the perception of accountability. The marketplace requires a solution to the biggest challenge in marketing: measuring each of the media a brand uses to determine their relative contribution to Return On Investment (ROI).

There is no better example of this truism than in television. Today’s television measurement mainly measures the opportunities to see programs in these homes and not the effects the commercials have upon sales. This problem has been exacerbated by the fragmentation of television viewing with the growth of digital cable channels and arrival of video-on-demand (VOD), digital video recorder (DVR) and interactive television (iTV). This has left many advertisers questioning the adequacy of current media accountability methodologies.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
05/01/10 Series C 18.2M Intel Capital, Arbitron, WPP Unknown