Traak Systems

Traak Systems was founded in 2005 and is focussed on delivering high performance complex event processing based solutions for the growing RFID and sensor network markets. By employing highly optimised techniques to process the raw data, we can avoid the potential data overload that can occur when deploying these powerful technologies.

Our solutions can help to visualise complex environments such as airports, hospitals and manufacturing plants. With our roots in the University of Edinburgh’s top rated School of Informatics, we have access to some of the leading researchers in the UK.

We won a prestigious SMART:Scotland Award from the Scottish Government last year in recognition of our core technology and subsequently received investment funding from Braveheart Investment Group.

We are a partner of leading companies such as Motorola, Microsoft, Oracle and Ekahau.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
08/21/07 Series A 0.2M Braveheart Investment Group Unknown
02/01/08 Series A 1.6M Emertec Gestion, Schneider Electric Venture Unknown



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