Trulia is a nationwide residential real estate search engine. Apart from a simple search for homes for sale in a particular city, zip code, or area, Trulia allows users to access local real estate data (sales prices, schools, most popular neighborhoods). They also feature a tool named HeatMaps that lets us compare prices & popularity by neighborhood, city, county, or state. Lastly, Trulia users benefit from their own Q&A service Trulia “Voice”. The service allows members to post and answer questions about the qualitative aspects of neighborhood. The questions can be searched by geography and tag.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
09/01/05 Series A 2.1M Sarofim Fayez and Co. Unknown
12/01/05 Series B 5.7M Accel Partners, Sarofim Fayez and Co., Thorner Ventures Unknown
05/01/07 Series C 10M Accel Partners, Sarofim Fayez and Co., Sequoia Capital Unknown
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Pete Flint (Founder, CEO)

Sami Inkinen (Founder, COO)

Sean Black (VP, Sales)

Daniele Farnedi (VP, Engineering)

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