Tyzx provides a platform of hardware, software and services for building products that see the world in three dimensions. Called 3DAWARE, the platform makes possible fast, affordable, high resolution, real-time, small footprint, 3D vision for systems that must perform in a wide range of quickly-changing operating environments. No other platform delivers 3D vision for high volume applications at such low cost. The Tyzx approach to 3D vision is implied in the four letters of its name. In computing a digital image, T represents time, X and Y represent height and width, while Z represents depth. In the Tyzx 3DAWARE system, depth perception is measured by comparing two images and calculating the precise shift in a particular pixel—or picture element—in each image.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
04/11/06 Series B 4M Scott Cook, Automotive Systems Laboratories, Takata Unknown


Ron Buck (President/CEO)

Dave Jurasek (VP Hardware Engineering)

Robert Caulk (VP Development)

Gaile Gordon (VP Advanced Development)

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