For almost a century the process to request a car service has been extremely similar to what it is today, terrible. Your options are to place a request by telephone for a car arriving the next day or you could walk to the street and hope that an available taxi would happen to pass by at the same time. There was no efficiency or dependability to the process, and there still isn’t today. In early 2009 we set out to advance this industry and bring innovative solutions to this problem.

Today the UberCab team is working to provide high-quality, on-demand car service booked easily through your iPhone or SMS. Our location based dispatch platform provides elite, efficient, and simple car service using high-end sedans with reputable drivers rather than traditional taxi cabs. We’re starting in limited beta in San Francisco and rolling out to other cities in mid 2010.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
10/01/10 Seed 1.25M First Round Capital, Founder Collective, Lowercase Capital Unknown
02/01/11 Other 14M Benchmark Capital Unknown