Upstartle Overview

Upstartle is a Silicon Valley-based software development company started by three senior software engineers — all with long track records in successful, mass-market, consumer software. Our first product is Writely, which allows you to edit and publish documents online, either privately, in collaboration with specific people, or publicly on the Internet. We’ve heard it called a “web word processor” and a “wiki with permissions.” Both descriptions work for us,

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but present only the start of the story. Yes, Writely is a web-based, collaborative document editor, but it’s also a service in its infancy. To us, it’s the beginning of a whole new way of managing documents, projects and websites online. The response to Writely has been truly phenomenal — from bloggers, teachers, students and businesses around the world. Lots of people see lots of potential in Writely…and many think it’s super cool even now in its early beta stage. Acquired by Google