UpTake is a travel company building a semantic search engine to retrieve more appropriate leisure and business trip results. It is indexing 18 million opinions and reviews across 1,000 travel-related sites to derive the best travel search results based on what type of trip you want to take. It parses the language in these reviews and guides, and categorizes them by generating tags for them. So hotels that have been reviewed across the Web (on sites like Yahoo Travel, TripAdvisor, or Yelp) with words such as “perfect,” “relaxing,” “couples,” “honeymoon,” or “spa” would rank higher in a search for romantic travel. Hotels associated with the words “kitchen,” “pool,” and “kids,” would rank higher in a search for family trips.

Uptake launched as Kango in 2006, and changed its name to UpTake in 2008. It’s a product of ThreeALL Inc.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
12/01/07 Series A 4M Shasta Ventures Unknown


Gene McKenna (VP of Product)

Yen Lee (President & Co-Founder)

Elliott Ng (VP of Marketing)

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