uTest is the world’s largest marketplace for software testing services. The company provides real-world testing through its community of 30,000+ QA professionals from more than 160 countries around the world.

Hundreds of companies – from start-ups to enterprise software firms – have joined uTest to get their web, mobile and desktop apps tested. uTest enables these companies to launch higher quality products; get their apps to market faster; and control the cost of testing.

And because uTest is truly on-demand, companies pay only for the test cycles they need. No long-term commitments or wasted resources means a lower total cost of testing..


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
10/01/07 Series A 1.7M Mesco, ltd Unknown
03/31/08 Series A 0.5M Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation Unknown
12/01/08 Series B 5M Longworth Venture Partners, Egan-Managed Capital, Mesco, ltd, Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation Unknown
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John Montgomery (VP of Project Delivery)

Matt Johnston (VP of Marketing)

Reuven Fein-Barsegian (VP of Engineering)

Marc Weinstein (VP of Sales)

Peter Roberts (Board Member)

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