Believe it or not, in most countries, college loans just don’t exist. Imagine: No matter how smart you were, how hard you worked or how good your grades were, if you didn’t have a bunch of money up front, you just couldn’t go to college. Your ability to raise a family, move up in the world and achieve your potential are forever limited, not because you didn’t have that potential but because you never got a chance.

Together, we’re changing that.

Around the world, Vittana lenders are helping students get access to higher education for the first time. Students receiving Vittana loans are able to focus on their studies instead of worrying about whether they’ll be forced to drop out. Not only are more students able to finish college, but people who never dreamed of college are now able to go for the first time.


Kushal Chakrabarti (Co-Founder, CEO)

Brett Witt (CTO, Co-Founder)

Nick Cain (Partnerships Manager)

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