Vox.io is a simple service that lets you make voice and video calls straight from your browser. No downloads, installations or firewall configurations are required.

In addition, vox.io makes it easy to import your contacts with phone numbers form Google Contacts and Linkedin making it super simple to reach anyone from anywhere at affordable rate.

Vox.io enables you to have a public “calling profile”; each user gets a public profile with a vanity URL (e.g. vox.io/jmarovt). We see people putting these links on other social profiles, enabling friends and colleagues to call them with ease no matter where they are.

In a similar fashion vox.io introduced Quick Call URLs – web collect calls; enabling you to create a link, send it to someone and get a collect call from the person the link was sent to. The caller does not need a vox.io account or an installed client (web) – everything is already on the Quick Call page.

Call the world. Vox.io makes it simpler than ever.



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