WeatherBill offers weather coverage to weather-sensitive businesses large and small such as outdoor events, travel companies, ski resorts, farms, amusement parks, farms and other agribusinesses. This is not insurance. Instead of a claims process or proof of loss, weather coverage pays based on weather station measurements.

WeatherBill offers the only weather coverage that can be purchased online or over the phone to protect revenue and control costs from bad weather.

The company, founded by former Googlers David Friedberg and Siraj Khaliq and backed by weather risk and catastrophe reinsurance fund manager, Nephila Capital, recently announced the launch of WeatherBill White Label.

The new platform is a complete technology solution that powers branded third party weather insurance and has the capacity to automate weather coverage pricing, transaction processing, and risk management functions, while providing automated client, broker, and internal sales applications.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
Seed 4M Howard Morgan, Joshua Schachter, Allen & Company, Atomico Investments Unknown
10/01/07 Series A 12.5M Krishna Kolluri, Neil Rimer, Barney Schauble, Allen & Company, Atomico Investments, Index Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Joshua Schachter, Howard Morgan Unknown
10/17/07 Series B 14.6M Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Scott Cook, Allen & Co., Atomico Investments, First Round Capital, Index Ventures, NEA, Nephilia Capital Unknown
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Siraj Khaliq (Board member)

Krishna Kolluri (Board member)

Neil Rimer (Board member)

Barney Schauble (Board member)

David Friedberg (Board member)

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