Hop on a WeBrowse session and drive around the internet with your friends. WeBrowse has created a new browser application that enables people to move around the internet together by sharing a secure browsing session without having to download anything. The application transforms browsing from a solitary activity to one that can be shared in real time. It’s as if you’ve hopped in a car to drive around the internet visiting all your favorite places with your friends. The group can chat, annotate and exchange ideas as they browse in real time. WeBrowsers are literally on the same page at the same time. Etailers can broadcast group savings and provide the benefit of group checkout to WeBrowsers. Each session is recorded and can be replayed at a later time so that you can revisit sites or share a session with other friends. The viral loop WeBrowse creates offers robust opportunities for immediate monetization of this social network.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
01/01/08 Seed 0.06M Private Private 2M