Yoono develops solutions to simplify your Internet life. Yoono enhances your web browser (IE or Firefox) by adding the ability to centralize all your social networks, friends, IM services and more in a simple but powerful sidebar. In addition, proprietary recommendation technology that uses contextual awareness (for example via keywords on the page you are browsing) allows Yoono to deliver relevant recommendations for websites, products, and more. For example, Yoono’s shopping component shows you price comparisons, related products, and discounts when browsing shopping sites. The social network component of Yoono allows simple sharing of these recommendations with friends.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
09/01/06 Series A 2.25M AGF Private Equity Unknown
06/01/08 Series B 4M AGF Private Equity Unknown


Regan Fletcher (VP, Business Development)

Guillaume Thonier (VP, Engineering)

Pascal Josselin (CEO and founder)

Laurent Quérel (CTO and founder)

John Dugdale (Founder)

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