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It could be quite exciting to leave all traditional methods and start adapting to modern day technology and trends. That is how many traders across the world have gained profit by changing to use automated trading robots in place of manual trading. Read more about it straight from the source.

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0 User Choice and Music LicensingMusic licensing can get very complicated, but we try to make your experience as simple as possible. We want you to have options when uploading videos…

  • Source: (Company Blog)
  • Date: Jan 14, 2009
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0 Half of the 50 hottest girls on Digg are fake — but the site works anyway [Social News]Conventional wisdom has it that males on the Internet gravitate toward pictures of pretty women like hungry honeybees to a sugary tulip, and click,…

  • Submitted by: VentureBeat Profiles
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1 JS-Kit & Evite combine their ‘Powers’The event planning service, Evite, has announced its deal with JS-Kit. The later provides features like commenting and polling which lets the planner…

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0 Is RSS an Add-On Feature?Wizzard Media, the podcast hosting and monetization giant, a couple of days ago released a letter to their shareholders that went towards explaining a…

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