yuilop is a young and fast growing startup based in Barcelona, Spain developing innovative communication services for mobile and web.

yuilop allows smartphone users to talk for free with any numbers and all your friends (yuilop-to-any). The service is based on a mobile app and allows in a first step to communicate via UNLIMITED real SMS with ALL mobile users, not just like other services only from app-to-app.

yuilop is a fast, real-time social communication hub, integrating conversations via different channels (yuilop-to-yuilop, SMS, Facebook Chat and more to come) into one conversation with your contacts.

As a next step free voice communication is foreseen for later this year.

Our team consists of a diverse group of people from Germany, Spain, France and Brazil and after various experiences with the Internet and telecommunication world, we’ve now started our own little company to challenge the establishment with, what we consider the next generation of communication.


Date Type Amount Investors Valuation
03/01/11 Seed 1.42M Nauta Capital Unknown