Zippi Networks

Zippi™ Networks, Inc. (publicly traded: ZIPI.PK), headquartered in San Jose, Calif., has created a revolutionary business process (patents pending), together with the ease of hand-held mobile technology that empowers a new generation of online sellers. Founded in 2006, Zippi promises to re-engage consumers in the online auction market by addressing the shrinking margins and competition that is currently threatening the existence of the eBay seller community. Zippi offers a new way to accumulate and sell unique products, turning each and every sale into a commissionable opportunity for online sellers. With over 200 million people looking for items to buy online and with annual revenues of over $44 billion in sales each year, eBay has become a significant force in the global marketplace. Zippi’s goal is to increase the currently diminishing seller base by giving “everyday” people an opportunity to sell their clutter and earn the cash they deserve.


Robert Carollo (EVP Operations)

Michael Khait (system architect)

Dean Rositano (President)

Christina Tenple (controller & Acting CFO)

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