Advergaming Studio Three Melons Raises $600,000

Three Melons, an Argentina/US-based developer of short-session, branded online games, has secured $600,000 from Santander Bank. The 3-year old startup is in the business of creating casual Internet games, which they refer to as “engaging and socially empowered snacks of entertainment”, commissioned by media companies, advertisers / agencies and video game publishers.

The company has built up quite an impressive customer reference list since it started out in late 2005, having created and distributed branded online games for companies like LEGO, Coca-Cola, Audi, Disney, Fox, AT&T, etc. Three Melons builds advergames based on Flash and Unity3D, and has set up proprietary multiplayer server infrastructure (Camarero) as well as a custom Flash game development framework (Daiquiri).