Unusual Ways To Connect To People In Business

Unusual Ways To Connect To People In Business

The technology has exploited people to the core! Smartphones and other gadgets make people so blind and immersed that they fail to notice people around them and connect with humanity. We are all so engrossed in phones, clicking photos at events and posting on social media, that we move away from staying connected. We are all connected only on social media, not in real life.

There is a quote that goes as, “It’s not what you know matters, who you know is the real talent”! so, what you know is up to you; who you know shows your skill, talent and ability to connect and maintain relations. If you are looking to start a business then you have landed on the right page, in case you are already into business, we are pretty sure that you might be running out of contacts and ways to reach to people, as contacts are the way to promote and develop your business.

Well, there are many ways contacts can help you, by connecting with people of similar interest as you, people who can refer people to your business, people who will like you though they are not interested in your business; all these are important, as anyone can change into customers anytime, or remain good friends forever.

This article aims in letting you know about ways, that you never thought of to connect to people and explore the world of new opportunities, stay ahead in the trends and make the most of your time. Just like how cryptocurrency is changing the fates of the investors for good!!

Over your daily commuting train:

We all have the experience of travelling in trains on our daily commute. But, what we do after we get in; is to get hooked on smartphones!! But, have you ever wondered; that the person next to you, might be interested in your business field, or may have some info that you might want to hear? Well, waste no time, just start conversing with them and become known sooner to build your business.


This is another place, where each one has gorgeous gadgets worn upon and running on treadmills! Well, all of them have the gadgets, no need to flaunt; better flaunt your communication skills and make some use of it. make friends or develop business contacts by sharing info about what you do and so on. Make the time fruitful for both!

The Best Way To Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet

The Best Way To Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is similar to the bank account where it allows to receive the bitcoin and to store and then it transfers it to the others. It is considered to be the person in a network of bitcoin like that of your online bank account. Private keys and secret code is present in the Bitcoin wallet which will make you spend the bitcoin. A bitcoin wallet is nothing but it is simply an app, website or a device which is involved in managing the private keys.

This guide will help you to set up a bitcoin wallet

  1. a) Access bitcoin by using a mobile wallet

The app for the mobile wallet is present in the smartphone which is found in the iPhone and Android. For the beginners, it is the best choice and it is user-friendly app when you are having the small amount of bitcoin and if it is accessible.

  1. i) Airbitz and Bread wallet is found to be the most popular wallet. They maintain the accounts by username and password and no need to store your bitcoin.
  2. b) Web wallet from online use

Creating a web wallet is found to be the best choice if you want to use bitcoin for online purchases. It is found to be more convenient and easy to use.

  1. i) It is like a bank account, you have to register and transfer your bitcoin and log on to manage wallet.
  2. ii) There are many risks involved with the web and it is better to use a hybrid wallet called copay. It provides security which is not present in the basic web wallet and used across the multiple devices.
  3. c) Download software wallet for control

No need to depend upon the third person if you have downloaded the software wallet. About two days are required by the blockchain for downloading.

  1. i) The official wallet is the bitcoin core where it has slow processing but it offers privacy and security.
  2. ii) Armory is better software wallet comparing to bitcoin core.
  3. d) Investment in hardware wallet

Hardware wallet or cold storage is found to be a small device to be a bitcoin wallet.

  1. i) The cost of the wallet is $100 only and the best one is Trezor.
  2. e) Paper wallet for long-term storage

It is the most secured one to hold bitcoin for the long term in a paper wallet.

  1. i) Public and private keys are stored in a paper in QR code form and it is secured in offline from hackers.
  2. f) Keep your wallet secure

You can keep your wallet more secured by taking regular backup and save this in multiple places as you can access anyone if it is destroyed.

  1. i) Keep a backup in the home and the other back up at the workplace.



Discount Brokers-The Best Options

Discount Brokers-The Best Options

The online stock trading has many types of brokers; the margins are fixed, as the actual cost of transacting is different, depending upon the type of stocks that are invested, including the platform fees, data charges, and other relevant costs. The top online brokers that the industry trades is determined in terms of the quality of the services they provide and the offers they provide on discounted trade service charges have become popular among the traders who prefer discounted brokers for buying and selling in the trading platform that is very easily accessible.

With a flat fee trade, a popular broker like Merrill Edge offers lower commission rates than most of the competitors that have a limit of minimum trades to place, a trade with plenty of options. Online Trading with cheaper options is reasonably straight; however, the investors should be careful before deciding the broker who is licensed and registered, other important factors that affect the cost of trading in stocks and options depend on the

  • the commission trades offered are usually a flat rate, however actively traded brokers offer per share trading, active trading focused on the markets, the per share trading could be expensive, while buying or selling small quantities of stock, a flat rate broker would be suitable for such small trades
  • the quality of execution of trades in discounted trading helps in achieving to fill the prices better than trading with a third party, as the policy on the payment order flow impact the execution quality
  • order routing is important for day trading, sophisticated brokers who offer direct marketing access with trades to be involved in the routing costs through market rebates and fees
  • the other charges that are tied to the IRA, retirement account often have a broker related fees, mutual fund trading fees that add up to the brokerage costs
  • for a $200share trading the SEC trading fees are around $20 for a 1,000,000 principal that can be totally avoided in case of online trading without having to pay higher charges

Contemplating to choose the broker of choice is important; understand the type of trader, the average trades executed and the capital invested. Charging extra amounts to access the international platform of trading for level II quotes that are both important. They will meet the threshold limits on invested amounts that are idle in the account. A moderate rate of interest is earned for a term that is comfortable for the investor and trader.


Features and Fees of Brokers

Features and Fees of Brokers

The minimum amount required for opening a trading account and the brokerage charged comprises of highly variable factors in the financial sector, the deposit fees required could form a minimum amount depending upon the broker who ties up with the trader through the online trading platform for various trading activities. As a new account, the amount is deposited, to maintain and keep the account active.

As not every trader may want to jump start with a traditional way to trade with a heavy investment, investors can open a Virtual trading account and practice the trades live with the broker log in credentials. Using delay quotes traders can trade in stocks, options, and even futures with new strategies without trading in the real capital.

Exchange traded funds are very popular in the investment circle due to the low management fees, replicating the performance of the given sector. Commission-free ETF’s offered by online brokers has been popular as they have created a niche to separate themselves from the highly competitive markets. The cost is similar to the traditional equity trade rates that are common in the market, with a selling period up to 60 days depending upon the broker.

No Load Mutual Funds are always better when it comes to the significant performance of the mutual funds, the load is the marketing fees that the investor has to pay while entering into the fund, certain funds have entry load, and some of them have an exit load if the funds are withdrawn within the lock-in period.

Another important aspect of choosing a broker online comes with the differential fee that is charged on the trades and account maintenance, in case a mutual fund purchased, from an online broker for no transaction fee mutual funds with a very early exit. The contract fees charged per transaction or contract wise charged for options trading are part of the base fee charged by brokers to facilitate the trade and make a good profit. Apart from the base fees, the other charges that are debited by the brokers depend on the assignment, exercise-trading fees that are charged on a regular basis to maintain the account is a part of maintaining the portfolio.

As long as the broker provides the best services for the client to create a diversified portfolio the investment in various trading markets are essential, the way the funds are channelized and monitored for an overall financial growth is the most important task.






Online Brokerage Cost is Competitive

Online Brokerage Cost is Competitive

As investors, depend heavily on the brokers to give successful trades, the cost involved in trading with stocks are expected to minimize as much as possible using the online mode. Most of the online brokers charge reasonably lower fees that contribute to the average cost of investing in stocks. The main types of cost that are included in the brokerage mostly involve the charges relating to account maintenance, trading fees, and other ancillary charges. The competitive advantage that online brokerage has over the traditional brokers who heavily depend upon the client base has made investors trade online.

Briefing about the cost is important to determine the average profit for the investors every time the trade has executed the split up of all the cost is done to give the complete breakup of the per transaction basis for the trader to calculate the true profits.

Average trading fees-base trade fees or the fee per trade is charged every time a trade is executed; often the e-trade discounts are applied to the account to reflect a lower brokerage rate charged due to the high volume of trading done online. The base trade fees that are usually fixed will be lowered due to the discounts offered by the trading platform on the basis of per share or per trade depending upon the volume and the type of shares held in the online trading account.

Trading in ETF and stocks are traded online to reduce the overall cost of trading, as the brokers charge depending upon the trades effected or a small amount charged as base fees for the services offered. The popularity of choosing online brokers depends on the trades placed, as the volume could be higher due to the usage of the software platform that places trades very quickly.

Average Account Maintenance Fees-when the account maintained without having any activity, this fee is applied to the trading account, even if the minimum funding is lower than the required balance to be maintained in the account. Some of the online brokers, however, do not maintain the requirement to have the funding in the account, giving the ease to trade for the investors.

Other Fees-the ancillary charges including annual account fees, paper statement fees and other incidental charges to maintain the client account are usually bracketed in the hidden charges that most of the brokers do not disclose as they become a part of the trading fees debited from the trader’s account.



A Quick Guide to the Crypto Jargons

A Quick Guide to the Crypto Jargons

The introductions of bitcoins promised to change the way we transact. Eight years after the introduction, we are still following the same system of exchange. Bitcoins are trending but has not been able to make the drastic change which was quite imminent at the time it hit the world. We can consider that the blockchain technology is still in its nascent stage and requires a lot of trials and re-runs to actually bring into the picture the massive change in the traditional systems. The blockchain technology also brought with it many new jargons which the common man may not understand in reference to the cryptocurrencies. Some of them are Crypto wallet or digital wallet, mining, encryption, blockchain technology.

A quick run through of these jargons will help in de-constructing the complexity and obscurity around the cryptocurrencies.

  • Crypto Wallet – These are digital applications capable of holding or storing the cryptocurrencies. There are different variants of these For instance, there are wallets that service three different cryptocurrencies. With these, the users can exchange one cryptocurrency for another.
  • Mining –This is the reason why we are discussing the virtual currencies. This activity involves solving complex algorithms or math calculations to create additional units of a particular currency say Bitcoin. The miner will get rewarded with a small amount of these currencies for his work.
  • Encryption – This is the base on which this network functions seamlessly without the intervention of a third party. Private keys are used to transfer money to the network. All the data that is on the network is coded to keep the transaction secure and tamper-proof.
  • Block Chain Technology – The Cryptocurrencies are the product of this superior technology. It is a digital record of all the transactions that are done through the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins. Like regular ledger users of these currencies have to record all the transactions related to the cryptocurrency on this ledger. It is a decentralized ledger where the peers of the network have access to the ledger on a real-time
  • Trading Software – Is it a scam?
  • The trading robots have also become more popular with the popularity of these digital assets. Trading robots are automated software that does the trading on behalf of the traders by studying the market trends and price movements. There are numerous scams; however, we also have few legitimate ones like Crypto VIP Club.

Crypto VIP Club is one such online trading website that offers attractive returns on the capital invested for both newcomers and skilled traders.

Assessing Business Risk Through Internal Audit System

Assessing Business Risk Through Internal Audit System

Many of us believe that an internal audit system is required for the companies that are large, has complex accounting entries, transactions and functions. However, the truth is the need for internal audit system arises when the transaction volume is high; business relates to regulatory compliances and has a financial objective. Management of such companies must set up an independent department called “internal audit” to overview the business operations of all the departments of the organization. The Board or the management is ultimately responsible for framing the internal control system in the company.

The prime most function of an internal audit department in a company is to put internal control in place and monitor them frequently. Internal control has a broader scope in an organization. It includes:

Stage 1 – Planning, organizing, directing and controlling the operations.

Stage 2 – Measuring, reporting and monitoring the performance of each business division and assessing the risk, if any.

Stage 3 – Report to the management in case of any observations and advise on the means to solve the issue or any inefficiency.


How does an internal audit department assess risk in the company?


Establishing an effective internal control system assists the internal auditing department to identify the areas that require immediate attention and action for implementation. The control system identifies the business risk and plans action well ahead to mitigate such risk. Business risk is referred to as an event that may adversely affect the operations of the ongoing business activity. Every internal audit department in an organization must meet together with the management and discuss the ways to assess and manage risk. Assessing and managing the risk is the primary function of an internal audit team. By assessing the risk, internal audit system shall


  • Prioritize the audit of the business department that has a potential risk
  • Determine the audit procedure, action plan, internal controls to be in place to mitigate such risk
  • Determination of time period or the intervals to check the controls that have been put in place thereby reducing the risk.
  • If the risk is contingent, the impact it would create on the organization and the ways to overcome the same.


Risk assessment includes identifying the business transaction and reviewing the documentation that is prone to errors and frauds. Some companies do review the existing documents such as previous audit findings, financial statements, cash flow to compare with the current report and check with the departmental heads if they anticipate any risk.


Internal audit system alerts an organization in case of any risk and prepares the organization to face any potential risk that could affect the entire business. This is more common in companies that deal with financial instruments. As the market is highly volatile with higher risk, there are chances that business may turn rancid. Read more to know how an organization mitigates the risk and continue the business of trading effectively.





Digital Marketing Tools Each Financial Advisor should Possess

Digital Marketing Tools Each Financial Advisor should Possess

Advanced advertising is consistently developing. A long time back, money related guides just required a site to possess an online nearness. At that point, it became a requirement to be dynamic on web-based networking media to discover new customers and presently there exist approaches to improve both with website streamlining, internet searcher advertising and substance promoting.

It can be said that online development of the business utilizing a digital form of marketing can be an all-day work. Anyway, fortunately, counsels need not be an advanced marketing professional to receive the benefits of being on the web. All you have to know is the place to locate the correct assets.

If you are planning to extend your online nearness, here are few useful computerized advertising instruments to consider.

Supportive Websites

Guide Websites has practical experience in making responsive sites and endeavor answers for monetary counsels. Having the capacity to get to their most preferred destinations with an assortment of gadgets, for example, tablets or cell phones can be basic for a consultant’s business.

The site Twenty over Ten provides Google Analytics assimilation, responsive outlines, facilitating and custom space names for monetary counsel sites.

Internet-based life Resources

Resourceful sites like Hearsay Social provides an online life administration stage that can enable money related experts to construct associations with customers through web-based life systems.

Counselor Social enables monetary guides to begin via web-based networking media which includes setting up of accounts, marketing via sharing content and assimilation to the personal site. Setting up the social media platform is the initial move towards upgrading your computerized promoting technique.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to place your business at the highest point of the promising customer’s search results while looking up keywords in Google concerning your business, Counselor SEO can be utilized.

Rank first spends significant time in an assortment of SEO instruments and advanced promoting techniques for money related consultants which incorporates PPC publicizing and lead age.

Internet Marketing

Counselor Web Marketing provides web designing, SEO, and substance to assist in upgrading the online nearness. Content advertising draws in clients via special substance on your site, blog, and internet-based life channels.

Inbound showcasing answers for money related counselors are provided by Paladin Digital marketing. This approach is to achieve new forthcoming customers by expanding your online perceptibility and site movement.


Money related counsels have an ever increasing number of assets to browse with regard to the beginning and keeping up a computerized promoting system. These are only a portion of the devices and sites guides can swing to.


Why choose cryptocurrency market


Cryptocurrencies are not just a means to become rich, it is much more than that. It is an amazing technology that will be able to change the fundamentals of the financial world. Listed below are the few benefits that are associated with the cryptocurrency.

Benefits of cryptocurrency

Alternative financial system- Soon after the global financial crisis, in 2009, a person named Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin, the first digital currency. This currency enabled the online payments done by the people to be directly sent from one party to other through peer-to-peer vision without the help of an intermediary.  Now there are various coins other than bitcoin available in the market. With the success of these digital currencies, the cryptocurrency market too has gained wide popularity. With the popularity, many new technologies to have been created and one of the valuable creations is the bitcoin trader. This post explains all about its benefits and the workings.

Investment- Till date, there has been no investment vehicle that has been able to yield a faster return on the investment. Many of the traders feel that the digital currency is a long-term investment wherein the fluctuation in the currency price is a risk wherein it is actually worth pursuing long-term yields.

Faster transactions- In cryptocurrency market, since it uses peer-to-peer format, the payment will be directly transferred from one wallet to another without having financial intermediaries.

Decentralization- The world is now moving towards decentralized systems as it helps in making all the transactions more safe and secure against all the illegal activities.  Where there is money involved there ought to be scams, fraudulent activities, etc. There might be a chance of security breach happening in another market.

Community-The people who deal with the cryptocurrencies come together as a group to help out the newcomer in the industry. There are various panels and discussions being conducted online wherein everyone shares their views and opinions. You will be able to find chat groups, blogs, forums, articles, etc that have been created just to help others.

Safe and secure- Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded and all the transactions can be traced back to its origin. Hence it is one of the safest and most secured markets.  The blockchain technology of the cryptocurrency market ensures that all the transactions are recorded. The blockchain technology ensures transparencies while at the same time can maintain privacy.  Any fake transactions can be tracked out.


Most Popular Types Of Annuities

Most Popular Types Of Annuities

Planning for an investment, getting investment advice and actually making the investment have all become so much simpler than ever. And then to track the portfolio after you have made your investments there are several useful tools. There is even the recent trend of using trading bots and bot advisors to save all the time spent in the management of the portfolio. There are many types of investments which result in large returns. But the income you get from most of the investments is taxable. So the gross amount you take back would be less than the actual profits you make. But there is one type of investment that boasts of being tax-deferred and that is an annuity. These continue to be the number one choice among those looking for a stable plan for the retirement period. There are many types of annuities designed for different types of investors. Here is a list of the most popular ones among them-

Deferred income annuity

If you are looking for a stable income in the future and if you do not mind a waiting period then these annuities are great choices. This is one of the cheapest types of annuity in terms of the capital you pay the insurance company. Even by starting with a small amount you would be able to plan higher incomes.

Variable annuity

If you would like to gain exposure to the stock market while investing in annuities then variable annuities are perfect. This is one type where you cannot know about the returns prior to the investment. There would be the assurance of the minimum guaranteed income. The actual income would depend on the performance of the market to which the annuity is linked. There are many types of markets including the bond markets, stock markets, and others, which could be linked with the annuity.

Fixed annuity

You would be able to get an idea about the increase in value right when the annuity contract is signed when you choose fixed annuities. This is a very simple investment but the pay that you receive in the end might be less than the other types of annuities. These are popular alternatives to CDs.

Immediate annuity

As the name indicates the disbursement in this one begins immediately. But one thing you have to remember is that this type of annuity also calls for a higher deposit to the insurance company which has to be paid as a lump sum. The time period for which the disbursement is required can be chosen.