AdMob Overview

AdMob is the world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace. Founded in 2006, AdMob allows advertisers to reach their customers on the mobile

The Centuren App can be used to trade long term as well. For this you will have to load data points for at least around twelve to eighteen months. The more the data points the more compressed the chart looks. Long term levels are used for swing trades and short term levels for intraday trading.

Web and publishers to increase the value of their mobile sites. AdMob offers both advertisers and publishers the ability to target and personalize advertising to their customers in over 160 countries.

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09/2006 Series A Unknown Unknown
03/2007 Series B 15M Unknown
10/2008 Series C 28.2M Unknown


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DESCRIPTION: AdMob is a mobile advertising marketplace that connects advertisers with mobile publishers. They allow advertisers to create ads, choose landing pages and target their ads with plenty of detail. Ads can be targeted to locations, carriers, phone platforms and phone manufacturers.
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They’re a leader in the iPhone ad market


Admob is a leader in the mobile ad space

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Alexa Rank: 8736 7433
Yahoo Search Results: 1,670,000

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Zorpia Overview

Zorpia aims to bring people together from all over the world and allow them to share their ideas and interests. Primary features include photo album, online journal, social networking, customized homepage, comment system, video collections, music promotions and discussions in forums.

With so much online activity and so many cool apps taking the most part of our life, it is not a wonder that the automated trading applications and robots are becoming a favorite among many traders. Traders who are so much used to the online business of shopping, banking and ordering food so on have taken this application called quantum code very seriously. Once they work with the application once, there is no turning back as the kind of return rate this application offers is far more higher than the profit a trader will see if he is trading manually. Plus the amount of strain that comes associated with trading is nullified making the whole experience enriching.

If you observe the trend, you will see ho many new traders are taking more interest in trading. These are all people who have been eyeing trading for quite some time but have been a little apprehensive as they do not have the time to keep monitoring the market or analyze the trends or learn trading knacks. It will take forever to grasp the fine details of the business and become pro in investing. When you use the app, the kind of freedom you get is unimaginable.

The reason why a lot of experienced traders have moved towards this app is the kind of profit it guarantees. With traditional methods, you can never guarantee the profit or whether or not a transaction could be successful. The stress attached with each transaction could be high too. There will be days when traders will look for good decision making mentors or people with good judgment. This is one reason they moved towards software which completely takes over every bit of trading process. It could simply keep monitoring market trends and send signals when it comes across any potential transaction that could turn successful. The odds of losing a profit are very less in this case. Go here to see how the application works.

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Copper Project Overview

Copper revolutionizes project management software, with intuitive client, project, and task views, custom project reports, gantt, file uploads, timesheets and other features

Read full review to know how a double bottom chart pattern is formed. In the pattern, two swing bottoms are placed side by side and placed almost at the same level. The reversal pattern is reliable and it gives high probability trade. The pattern is formed in a down trending market when the price hits the support level twice and the price then continues moving inan uptrend.


These are pressure areas in the stock chart and here those traders who are holding short position book profits. This is where long traders enter the market. When a double bottom formation is formed then the trend changes from downtrend to uptrend and here the support trend line is almost placed horizontally and it connects the two swing bottoms.


The pattern looks like a W where one swing top and two swing bottoms are formed. This is how it gets its name.


Double top is formed when there is increase in demand and buyers are strongerthan the sellers. When the stock is in a downtrend then the stock makes lower lows and lower highs. As the support level is reached then the buying is increased. As the demand increases, the price rises and it forms a swing low. This forms the swing bottom or a double top formation.


Here the demand is more than the supply andthe price tends to rise. When the buying gets exhausted selling continues because the price to sell is better. This creates an increase in supply and the price startsto fall. This creates the swing bottom of the pattern formation.


Many traders are selling at this level andtheprice is falling but this is not where the fund houses are selling. Instead they are the buyers in this market. This time the price does not fall down a lot and does not go below the swing low. All it does is it reaches the previous swing low and this forms a major support level.

that become indispensable for everyone in your organization.

Copper Project is a product of Element Software.

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 +61 3 9018-5614

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Evernote Overview

“EverNote Corporation’s mission is to give users the ability to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform they find most convenient, and to make this information searchable and accessible at anytime, from anywhere.

Most of us are scared of mathematics and financial subjects. The charts showing graphs, and statistical figures confuse even the most erudite people. Though we would like to enter the stock market and make money like we see many rich people do, we feel scared as we are apprehensive about losing our savings. We see it happening pretty often to people when they put their entire savings at stake, trusting the advice of some broker. We also read in newspapers about the many scams launched by unscrupulous people to fool innocent people. But there are some genuine schemes in the financial market, which help to multiply the money manifold using efficient robotic trading systems.


So how can we separate the fluff from the genuine systems? The most important aspect is information. Read as much as you can about the binary trading systems, existing in the market. Try to understand their mechanism, read reviews on trusted websites, and see the testimonials given by people. Speak to people who have made money through the system and contact the customer care system to get first-hand knowledge of how it works. The government has many regulations in place to prevent scammers from fleecing innocent people. So try to find out about the genuineness of a website and the brokers associated with it and learn even more here.


After all this work is done, you are sure to find that this system of Quantum code is a genuine one and you can invest your money safely. But before investing, read the terms and conditions carefully and then you will know that the system is genuine. The process is very simple and you can complete all the formalities within no time. Start slowly so that the trust develops and you see to your satisfaction that the system is indeed multiplying your investment. The robotic system is based on an algorithm that works at super speeds to use the data from across the markets. It comes up with recommendations based on its analysis. The signals or trends in the market help it to decide the winning bets which bring more than 95% correct results, which is not even possible for the most experienced broker in the world.


Do not let the scientific jargon frighten you away. You can see from the demo available on the website that the program may be complex but the process is created for the people to use it with ease. You have to spend some time to understand and set the parameters of money that you want to use. Otherwise, the system does not need your constant supervision. So entrust your money to the robotic trading system after understanding the pros and cons and you can spend your time doing other soul-satisfying activities.

Built on a unique metaphor for information management and powerful image recognition engines, our flagship EverNote product allows users to…More»

Built on a unique metaphor for information management and powerful image recognition engines, our flagship EverNote product allows users to capture and retrieve text notes, web clips, mobile phone snapshots, images containing printed and handwritten text, digital ink notes taken on tablet PC and PDA, and more.”
(Source :«Less

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Oodle Overview

Oodle is a whole new kind of classifieds. Bringing together more than 30 million listings from over 80,000 sites, Oodle improves the way people buy and sell locally. Oodle offers the most comprehensive search, convenient email alerts and information to empower consumers to make better buying decisions.

Since its launch in 2005, Oodle has grown rapidly and attracts over four million unique…More»

Since its launch in 2005, Oodle has grown rapidly and attracts over four million unique visitors each month. In addition, the Oodle Network powers classifieds for over 200 leading brands, including Cox Interactive, Media General, The Washington Post, San Diego Union Tribune and Lycos.

Oodle provides you the exact matches of your filters in the reverse chronological order. The back-end technical team puts extra effort to ensure that there is no repetition in the display and the sold out or unavailable item is removed from the list. What makes Oodle better than the similar websites are the authenticity of the information being displayed.

The wide network of Oodle tries to list items with the exact location and original photos so that the customer does not get carried away with false information. The location mentioned in the associated map does not stop at the nearby junction, but the exact coordinates of the item on sale. So, the navigator leads you directly to your chosen purchase.

The strict authenticity of the added details might feel undesirable to the sellers, but is a boon to the true ones. The more real your ad description looks, the number of hits and rates you will get. Even if a buyer’s requirements do not meet your description, he will be prompted to support you for your true portrayal. For example, a dependable Fintech Limited review actually serves as a medium to improve the customer’s trust on the product. This also ensures almost cent percent deal of the item to the approaching customer, since he is confident about what is really on sale. This provides the sellers, dual benefit of promotion or marketing and business. The Oodle Network offers media companies and portals a proven business model for free listings and the best classifieds marketplace for their customers.

Oodle is also available in the UK and Canada.«Less

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How Bitcoin code System could change your lives for better!

There is a reason why so many traders believe in investing in the bitcoin code system while a few are still apprehensive about it. This apprehension is all about how they will exchange the bi coins into their preferred currency and how difficult the exchange process could get. Earlier as the system was introduced there was no provision for the exchange process and it was a task, the whole conversion process could take stipulated tome and this wait for the money made all users lose some interest. All they were intending were some quick cash, although the inflow and profit were large, the conversion took time meaning the cash came to their hand after a period of wait time.

Now, the developers have understood this potential risk of losing so many traders and have designed that the robot itself exchanges the bitcoins to an equivalent currency that the user prefers. Now all it takes is setting the currency to your preference and the software allows you to withdraw in the intended currency you have marked while in the setup. This has made the whole process very simple and has minimized what little effort the traders had to put to see their money.

With a trading robot, the whole process of decision making gets simpler. Now the stress attached to such trading process is very high and when you are stressed, you tend to make a lot of judgment errors and bad decisions which could make your situations bad monetary wise. You will see that all your transactions are futile when you are under stress and you cannot make any profit. With a robot, there are no emotions attached and it is used to perform at its best whatever the situation is. It is programmed to go for maximum profit and it does so making the trader richer with the single transaction and showing us what is it worth.

It is further simplified to operate the software with just 3 simple steps and you are ready to go online when you complete them. You just need to fill up a registration form with simple details, set up a user interface and fund your account. These three steps lead you to go online with bitcoins trading. You can set the software in two modes, manual and autopilot, where the latter one means the robot will take over the processes.


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Key People


Dave Hersh, CEO

As CEO of Jive Software, Dave Hersh is responsible for overseeing the company’s strategic direction, planning and implementation. In seven short years, Dave has led Jive Software from a small open source project to an Inc. 500 company with 100 percent annual growth rates.

Previously, Dave held the roles of CFO and product strategist at 4charity. Prior to that, he was a management consultant to Hewlett Packard, focused on HP’s Worldwide Information Management Strategy. Dave began his career as a strategy and change management consultant at VIA International in Chicago and London.

Dave has gained a reputation for his deep industry knowledge of collaboration, knowledge management and open source, and he is frequently tapped to present at industry events and serve as a media reference. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from DePauw University.

Sam Lawrence, CMO

Sam has 15 years of technology marketing experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune-level hardware, productivity software, communications and media companies.

Prior to Jive Software, Sam was the Senior Vice President in charge of the global Microsoft Office marketing efforts at McCann Erickson–including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint Server, Live Meeting and Live Communication Server. Sam has been Vice President of eBusiness & IT for 3Com, Vice President of Marketing for CNET, Vice President of Business Development for EuroRSCG and was Director of Dell Computer Corporation’s consumer and SMB online business.

Sam lives with his wife and two sons in Portland.

Scott Campbell, VP Sales

Scott Campbell joins Jive Software after successfully leading the sales organizations of two previous startup software companies. Prior to Jive Software, Scott spent 6 years at Tripwire, Inc., where Scott lead the Western Region and Inside Sales organizations, and was a driving force in taking Tripwire from the startup stage to becoming a world leader in enterprise class IT Security and Operations software solutions. Prior to Tripwire, Scott spent 5 years at Rogue Wave Software, a maker of C++ and Java development tools. While at Rogue Wave, Scott held several prominent roles as the Director of Western Region Sales, Director of Inside Sales, and OEM sales and was instrumental in the company’s successful public offering in 1996.

Scott has joined Jive Software to head up the Sales organization. He lives in Portland and holds a BS in Finance and International Business from Oregon State University.

Tom Berkompas, VP of Finance

Tom Berkompas brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the technology field having started his career with Price Waterhouse serving high tech clients in Silicon Valley in the 1980’s. He transferred to Portland in 1990 and since then has worked with software companies such as Central Point Software, Logic Modeling, NetIQ and WebTrends where he was Chief Financial Officer. Most recently Tom served as Chief Operating Officer for Business Intelligence Inc. a Portland-based, start-up software company operating in the business intelligence space. Tom joins us to develop our back office processes, systems and staff to support our growth.

Tom lives with his wife and 12 children on property just across the Columbia river in Southwest Washington.

Matt Tucker, CTO

Matt Tucker, co-founder and CTO, is responsible for the long-term technical and strategic direction of Jive’s products. Along with Bill Lynch, Matt founded Jive Software in 2001 and has helped build the company from two people to over a hundred. Matt is an active member in open standards communities including having served on the board of the XMPP Standards Foundation.

Prior to Jive, Matt worked as a software engineer at an internet startup in San Francisco called 4charity.

Matt holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.

Bill Lynch, VP Technology

As the head of Product Management, Bill is responsible for the product roadmap and helps drive product strategy. Along with Matt Tucker, Bill founded Jive Software in 2001 and has helped build the company from two people to over a hundred.

Prior to Jive, Bill worked as a software engineer at an internet startup in San Francisco called 4charity.

Bill holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.

Eric Butler, VP Hosting

Eric has 20 years of experience designing, engineering and delivering technology solutions to a variety of industries. Prior to Jive Software, Eric provided leadership roles shaping internet strategies and operations at WebTrends, NetIQ and Intel. Eric is also very active in the Portland community, including serving on the Board of Advisors for Schoolhouse Supplies.

Eric joins Jive to build out new social productivity solutions and offerings in the burgeoning SaaS market.

Eric lives in Portland with his wife and four children.

Marty Kagan, VP, Engineering

Marty Kagan has 12 years of experience in high-performance software development. Marty came to Jive from Akamai Technologies, where he spent 5 years in San Mateo managing the development of the company’s caching, streaming, storage, and distributed computing solutions, and 3 years in Paris as Director of Technology for EMEA and APAC operations. Marty began his career at Cisco Systems, where he was part of the team that launched Content Networking, and managed the design and operations of a content delivery network for the NetAid Benefit concert in October 1999, the largest international webcast of its time. He holds an MA from the University of California, Irvine, and a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Chris Morace, Sr. VP of Products

Chris Morace joined Jive Software as VP of Product Marketing in October 2007 with responsibilities for leading their product strategy to deliver Social Productivity solutions to the enterprise. He brings with him a 15 year track record for building high-growth, high-value businesses in the technology sector. Prior to joining Jive Software, Chris held executive positions at Sindhara, an innovator in next generation digital media; Awaken, a startup focused on enabling the consumer transition to digital audio; Mercury, the global leader in business technology optimization (acquired by Hewlett-Packard); and Kintana, an IT governance software company (acquired by Mercury Interactive). He began his career architecting supply chain solutions and facilitating enterprise change management with Price Waterhouse for companies such as Cisco, Western Digital, and Xerox.

Chris holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University with Honors in Humanities. He currently lives the Bay Area with his wife and son.

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Slide Overview

Slide is the largest personal media network in the world, reaching more than 134 million unique global viewers each month and 30 percent of the U.S. Internet audience. We help people express themselves and tell stories through personalized photos and videos created on and viewed anywhere on the web or desktop.

Web browser based applications get success instantly. The bit coin code system is one web based software trading application which has become a favorite among people almost as soon as it got released. A few sections of people who were initially apprehensive about using this software also came around when they heard about all the positive things, continue reading to know more –

  • It is completely free. There is no cost for using it every time and importantly, you do not have to pay every time you make profit using this software.
  • Apart from the initial funding to the account that is used for transactions, you do not have to offer any brokerage commission for using this application.
  • No download is necessary nor do you have to install any update on your computer or phone. You can use it on your browser. All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer and you can go live trading.
  • There are 3 simple steps to set up your account and start trading. A simple registration, setting up your own interface and customizing it and then initial funding of the account is expected to be done.
  • There is an excellent customer support team that will be available to guide you at all steps you wish to seek help. They are available 24/7 and their response time to queries is very short making it easier for traders to proceed soon.
  • The application as such is user friendly and you do not have to be a computer geek or a tech savvy person to start using it immediately.
  • They allow you to choose your own broker from a list of reliable brokers. All their brokers are knowledgeable and they know what they are doing and this makes the whole approach professional.
  • Setting up of a withdrawal account and the whole process is quite simple too, making it easier for the customer. A simple form is to be filled and your account gets activated for all your profit being accumulated by the software.
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Pronto Overview is the ultimate place to shop online. With an active community of millions of shoppers, and over 70 million products, is a fun place to discover unique products and find great deals on everything from electronics and apparel, to sports equipment and home décor.

* Create your shopping profile so you can rate and review your favorite products and share advice with…More»

Shopping is fun!

The idea of procuring new things for personal use and around the house is a great morale booster. But the fact remained that while I loved shopping and would have loved to indulge in it more often there was this fear of not being able to save enough for a rainy day that was hitting at me. It was paranoia but I could not help thinking about the consequences of not having any savings in the account in times of exigency.

I knew I had to do something fast to be able to build up savings:

Then, a friend whom I thought was doing exceptionally well in life told me about trading in binary options and I was so surprised that I did not know that something like this was even possible. I mean, look at it any way and it is the best thing to have happened to a lot of people and that includes me.

I did a lot of research and zeroed in on this fantastic software called the QProfit System and there had been no looking back for me. I have been able to save a decent amount every week and guess what cutting corners and going hungry in a bid to save is a thing of the past! Visit the following site if you would like to know how your life can change with a great inclusion of trading right from the convenience of your own home and at a time that you choose!!


* Create your shopping profile so you can rate and review your favorite products and share advice with like-minded shoppers.
* Get personalized recommendations and special deals from your favorite brands and stores.
* Build your wish list so that friends and family know what you want, or stay organized by creating your virtual shopping list. is an operating business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), which operates, Citysearch, Evite,, Bloglines, Zwinky, Excite and more.«Less

 555 West 18th Street 4th Floor New YorkNY 10011 Map it »
 Shopping / eCommerce

Playdom Overview

We boast the #1 game on MySpace—Mobsters—and three of the top four applications. But it doesn’t stop there. Fueled by explosive growth on Facebook and an expanding pipeline of new games and features, we may be the fastest growing social gaming company on the planet. How do we do it? We’re obsessed with one thing: our players.

Everything we do is geared towards delivering the best possible…More»

Everything we do is geared towards delivering the best possible player experience.

A game may be played for entertainment, competition or as a profession. There are various aspects which make a game popular. An extremely user-friendly interface, excellent graphical representation, good sensitivity to player actions, the real-time effect of external response, continuity etc determine how engaging the game is. The company takes care of every slice of gamer’s experience.

Playdom works to catch the nerve of the game and deliver the best experience of the player. If the player desires for a change in the mode of play, we are there to help. The success and survival of a game depending on how improved the newer versions are. Regular updates and error rectification add to the user continuation. Playdom caters to the demand for improvement for keeping up the satisfaction of the players.

Gaming is also a platform where technology plays the central role. A game is created by modifying technology according to the direction of the thought process of the players. Technology keeps on improving. A high-end game launched recently may be a star now but very soon will be replaced by a newer game which is backed by the latest technology then. Players look for success after challenges and higher the success rate, better received the game is. Games are subjected to quality testing and you can see that in any full review provided by the company, written for improving player experience.It’s a tall order, especially in an industry that’s still young and evolving, and we’ll inevitably learn as we go. But as long as we stay true to what’s important to our players, we’ll stay on course. That’s the power of Playdom—where players rule!«Less

 100 West Evelyn Avenue Suite 110 Mountain ViewCA 94041 Map it »
 Entertainment / Game


Paltalk Overview

PalTalk is a video enabled chat room service. In addition to private rooms, PalTalk has public screening rooms, which let up to 5000 users enter a chat room and watch a streaming video together while chatting. Users need to download a client to use the service. PalTalk People is a complimentary social networking site for PalTalk users to meet each other.

Paltak is created by the AVM software group. With the help of PalTalk, users can freely communicate by means of internet chat, voice and even video. PalTalk can be easily downloaded and installed from the Google App store for the Android operating systems and from the iTunes store for the Mac operating systems. PalTalk is also available for Windows operating systems and can also be installed on your kindle. The software is available both in the desktop mode and for smart phones. Software can be downloaded free of cost, however upgrades to the software are available at a small price.

Users have the chance to catch up with old friends and meet new people using the PalTalk app. Some of the popular features of PalTalk that users enjoy the most are:

  • Enter a group video chat that is live
  • Send stickers and gifts to new and old friends to start a conversation
  • Listen to your favourite collection of music
  • Join and sing along with live karaoke
  • Chance to play group trivia
  • Be a part of a debate group and get to the opportunity to contribute in a lively political debate
  • Post Youtube videos or SoundCloud clips and have users to watch it together

Thus, users have the opportunity to choose from all this and much more. Users will simply have to select from the thousands of live chat rooms based on their mood and preference and be a part of something creative along with millions of other members from all over the world.

Ever since its launch, PalTalk has seen an increase in the number of users, from 5.5 million users in 2013 to over a 100 million users in 2015 and this number continues to grow. The large user base is one of the main reasons why PalTalk is a profitable venture today.

PalTalk has won a few awards which include:

  • 2005: The Pulver 100
  • 2007: Always On 100 Top Companies
  • 2007: NET Editor’s pick

Read the full post on Fintech Ltd. here.

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