A San Francisco based Software-as-a-Service company which was created to make customer engagement tools is the UserVoice. In 2006 this company came into existence which was owned by Richard White. He felt that it was necessary to have more efficient approach to monitor feedback from the users who used software, therefore he created a website which had an online forum where people were allowed to provide ideas and feedback about the project that he is working on. Just like this review at


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0  37signals vs. Get Satisfaction, Or Else… UserVoiceLast Tuesday, 37Signals initiated a heated debate over Get Satisfaction and its people-powered customer service.  Days later, Jason Fried provided a…

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0  Get Satisfaction Leads Among Idea AggregatorsFinding new ways to reach, engage with, and learn from customers is a cornerstone of Enterprise 2.0. The idea and suggestion management space is one…

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0  Want more Edicy? Find out how to tell usSo you have this “Edicy page”, but really missing a feature or two? We know you have your page but always don’t know what you find essential and it’s…

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  • Date: Jan 10, 2009
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0  MeasuredUp Connects Businesses with Disgrunteled CustomersMeasuredUp is a review service that allows customers to share their positive and negative experiences about local or online businesses, but until now,…

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0  Feedback Frenzy: 35+ Customer Service ResourcesCustomer service and Web 2.0 have finally been formally introduced and have gotten rather serious these days. Because of this, it has become…

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IMVU Overview

Founded in 2004, IMVU Inc. is an online destination where young adults meet new people in 3D. In public beta, the company has already reached major milestones including 20 million registered users, 100,000 registered developers, and $1 million in revenue each month – highlighting the power of IMVU’s comprehensive social and creative experience.

Trading With The Bitcoin Code Software

The market is flooded with a huge number of brokers who claim that their software is the best to help make your investments with. They all are very confident that using their software will help you get excellent returns and profit margins that you would have never ever dreamed of. The Bitcoin code is also a software which is one of the popular software that is being used by a great number of people for binary options trading of bitcoins. To know more about this, visit the website and read up about different aspects and facts about this latest form of trading and the benefits of using The Bitcoin code to make your investments.

The Bitcoin Code software is designed using a highly sophisticated level of programming which has never been seen in the exchanging scenario before. All those who have traded using The Bitcoin Code app will vouch for its excellent speed as well as its features. When dealing with a volatile cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, speed, and accuracy of data while making the exchange is absolutely vital. The software has been programmed keeping all these factors in mind and that is why the results it gives are absolutely correct and precise.

How does The Bitcoin Code function?

For the benefit of people new to the trade and do not know much about this virtual currency, Bitcoin is a new form of digital currency which is bought and sold online among agencies. There is no centralized control of any of the transactions made. despite this, the vale of the Bitcoin has soared by leaps and bounds and has gone up to a value that no one could have ever imaged that it would reach.

The software of the Bitcoin Code mainly provides binary option trading signals to enable traders to earn great profits on the investments that they make. Several experienced Bitcoin traders have already used the services of this app and the software to reach the pinnacles of success within a very short span.

Is it legit?

After reading about many rumors and reviews traders have got the feedback that The Bitcoin Code may be a scam and that is not legit. But none of this is true. After intense and detailed investigations, it has been proved that this software and the brokers are absolutely genuine and all their dealings are 100% legit. There is no need for any kind of concern and this can be further proved by taking the feedback from existing clients who are performing their trade activities using this software.




Members of IMVU have fun meeting new people with…More»

Members of IMVU have fun meeting new people with similar interests and expressing themselves through personalized 3D avatars, themed rooms, one-to-one chats, and the creation of new and unique virtual products. With over 1.5 million user-generated virtual items, IMVU offers the world’s largest catalog of virtual goods. Revenue is derived from the direct sale of virtual credits, which are used to purchase virtual products such as room decorations, clothing items and hairstyles.«Less

 411 High Street Palo AltoCA 94301 Map it »
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Advantages of Using The Blazing Trader App

The Blazing Trader is a popular and successful Binary Options Trading system that is highly popular among the trading fraternity mainly because it guarantees an extremely high-profit percentage.

Getting started with trading on this app is absolutely a cake walk and is not some rocket science that most people are not aware of and are apprehensive to try out thinking that it is very difficult to operate and that they may incur great losses in case something may go wrong.

To make things clear to the absolute newcomers in this field is the fact that Blazing Trader is completely automated and the technology involved in its programming does not require any human interference and neither will it perform any trade which is not guaranteed to give good returns or make high profits. It will only place a trade when it is 100 % sure of its winning.

Once you register and your trading account gets activated with a broker that is recommended by the Blazing Trader App you can begin your trading journey in the world of automated binary options trading. All this is possible because there are no complicated forms to be filled or any documents to be signed, neither do you have to have any special educational qualifications to make you eligible to carry out this kind of binary trading. For more details go to the linked website and read up valuable information.


  1. The app is absolutely free and there are processing fee charges or any other charges to allow you to be able to use the app. The only requirement is that a nominal initial deposit needs to be made which is your investment to be trading with.
  2. No past experience in the trading field is required for a person to be able to use this system.
  3. As it is completely web-based, one does not need additional space in their devices to download or install the app. With a registered account a trader can carry out the trade from any device that has an internet connection.
  4. Results are known within a couple of minutes of carrying out the trade.
  5. The entire system is completely open and transparent and there are no confusing rules and regulations that need to be adhered to.
  6. With the Help of the binary trading signals that are sent out on a daily basis, traders can utilize them to decide on their strategies and make the best use of them to earn some really quick money.
  7. Make huge profits just by depositing a sum of 250 dollars initially.


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0  Video-sharing site Veoh wins suit against UniversalVeoh, a video-sharing  web site that is a perennial punching bag for entertainment studios prosecuting copyright violations, has emerged victorious…

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0  The Internet About to Turn 40, Last Seen With a Blonde in a Red CorvetteIt’s impossible to set an exact date for the birth of the Internet. You could say that it was born when the first two nodes of the ARPANET were…

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0  Forget The Apple TV, Wait Until You See The Apple TV!Gene Munster of 1313 Mockingbird Lane and Piper Jaffray is positing that because the Apple TV isn’t doing so well that Apple will soon sell a TV with…

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0 exits private beta with clickable video platformEarlier this month Joost set down its arms in the race to beat YouTube, Hulu and others to become the predominant consumer online video giant. It…

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0  The Joost Story: Sometimes, Good Projects Also FailI remember being excited about Joost. I’ve had access to an early beta version, and the service did what it promised to do: it brought high quality…

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0  Joost’s Last Hope Isn’t A Promising OneIt’s sad to see a company that we were all so excited about fade further into oblivion. Today Joost, one of the most anticipated startups in…

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0  When Hype Isn’t Enough: Joost Changes Strategies and Will Now Focus on White Label SolutionsNot too long ago, Joost was the poster child for the online video revolution. It featured a slick desktop player with innovative controls, good video…

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0  Hulu Desktop Launches: Boxee Begone?Hulu, which continues to see strong growth, has been a web-based video site since day one. As more and more premium content has made its way to the…

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0  Hulu Desktop Lets You Rot Your Brain From The Comfort Of Your CouchSince launching in late 2007, Hulu has done one one thing very well: it lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies from your computer, free of…

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QuinStreet Overview

QuinStreet uses the internet to connect companies with potential customers.  The online performance marketing company helps businesses target their would-be customer audiences by using its proprietary technologies and media reach to generate sales leads.  As a sign of confidence in its quality, QuinStreet has adopted a pay-for-performance model of pricing.  Founded in 1999, QuinStreet is…More»

The online trading community was indeed waiting for this platform. There have been software that has made their appearance in the market but most of them have been nothing but frauds. However this cannot be said about all of this. See this to know more. This is legit software and is also very useful and designed professionally. The software is created by experts and the algorithm is written such that that it lets you profit from trading in the market.

The automated trading software has been developed by professionals who have great deal of experience in the investment field and have worked with reputed companies. They also come with in depth programming knowledge. You can thus be assured that the algorithm is written keeping into account all the factors that should be considered before executing a trade.

Technical analysis

This trading software uses technical analysis to come up with trading signals. Technical analysis is about reading chart patterns to generate high probability trades. There is extensive use of technical indicators and the price and the volume chart to gauge the best opportunities in the market.

The software

The software has been beta tested and it is also used globally now. The investing community is full of praises about this software and how it has made trading completely automated. The software is making its presence felt worldwide and more and more traders are trying out the software to generate consistent returns in the market.

The investment robot is a completely profitable system and you can check various reviews that are written by traders who have used this software. All the reviews are absolutely accurate and completely unbiased. The auto trading software is thus highly reputed and traders are definitely trying it out.

 1051 E. Hillsdale Blvd Foster CityCA 94404 Map it »

OneTxt Overview

We provide a payment processing alternative for Social Networks, Online games, Participation TV shows, and other social media.

We help in running the business, which depends on the income raised from its customers and this income reaches you through our channel.

Multi-tasking is a mark of success and being online combines the convenience of mobility and multiple activities at the same time. How better can online activity become when the long waiting in dreaded queues are no longer required for banking transactions. No more hours of strenuous shopping under the sun and no standing in line to pay and get the product in hand. When you can see this product range from your handheld device, go through the reviews and chit-chat with your bestie at the same time, online payments have taken the geeky generation by storm.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs design their business to be promoted, run and expanded through social and mass media realizing their reach and popularity.

Speed is the requirement and safety is the necessity. Our payment processing channel gives your customers both. When busy analyzing the latest posts and updates on the social media, the customer may get hitched to a stylish accessory which she cannot afford to miss at any cost. What if she loses the important person online due to the delay in replying while she was carefully making her payment? She will not, since our processing channel enables second speed switching and retaining of pages under use.

Any interactive company can become a merchant in just a few easy steps on the web, then accept payments, create loyalty programs, and send marketing messages through any digital media. We are the business model for social media.

* We address pain points across the…More»

Any interactive company can become a merchant in just a few easy steps on the web, then accept payments, create loyalty programs, and send marketing messages through any digital media. We are the business model for social media.

* We address pain points across the divide between the large audiences of social media and the rise of online payments.

* We manage transactions without departure from the social media experience itself. No more jumping between sites, multiple logins, and other experience killers.

* We bring continuity to a slow, fragmented, and disjointed process for merchant acquisition and subscriber enrollment that currently plagues the digital payments space.«Less

 450 Park Avenue South 9th Floor New YorkNY 10016 Map it »
 Social Network

About Us

Welcome to VentureBeat Profiles!

This is now a property of VentureBeat, which has acquired this site, formerly known as TradeVibes.

VentureBeat is the leading site that covers news about innovation. We are pained when people fall victims to crooked minds especially because they do not have the access to the right information. Knowledge in today’s times is indeed a super power and no one should underestimate it. We have heard of traders duped on a software portal called the Teslar App and how they it was thought to be a genuine one and it went viral. It is believed to have scammed hundreds of gullible traders who had no idea because they did not have any access to credible websites like ours. We plan to make this site even better—making it much more useful to you and the hundreds of thousands of users that visit VentureBeat each month. Here’s how:

  • Widgets—In addition to improving the tens of thousands of profiles of companies and executives, we’ll be integrating those profiles into VentureBeat’s story posts. So when we write a story about say, Facebook, we’ll insert info about Facebook at the bottom of the story—in the form of a widget from our Facebook profile page.
  • Press Releases—We’re expanding the company profiles by aggregating company press releases in order to keep readers more up to date on company news.
  • Conversations—We’ve added a Twitter stream to the profiles as a way to help you keep up with the latest buzz about the companies. Any tweet with #companyname is pulled into the company’s profile page so that readers can can narrow in on news and sentiments only about that company.

We think that you’ll find the information even more useful in the coming months. I would welcome your comments and feedback about any additional changes that you’d like to see or to just let me know how we’re doing: feedback [at]

– Matt Marshall, Founder & CEO, VentureBeat

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Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital 

For any business or startup, finding the capital lies the foundation stone for further buildup. If the entrepreneur has the resource for it, the forward propelling is easy.  If own capital is not available, there is no need to panic or abandon your plans. There are dedicated investors who believe in your ideas and capability to give life to innovative concepts and derive productive outputs out of it, benefiting both yourself and the target customers. What does the investor get in return?? Yes, their share of capital profit and more than that the professional satisfaction of involving in the development of an innovative service.


Sequoia Capital has a proven record of accomplishment of assisting in the exponential growth of hundreds of big establishments such as LinkedIn, CafePress, Navigenics, Songbird, Agitar Software, Kayak, SearchMe, Infoblox, MarketLive, deCart, and lots more. To get the complete list of the investor’s customers, visit the website and you will discover that the company’s customer segment covers every sector of the industry, popular entertainment, mass media, healthcare, IT solutions and even market trading.

Invested In

Digital Chocolate
Alpha & Omega Semiconductors
Pure Digital Technologies
Funny or Die
Agitar Software
Meraki Networks
Jive Software
Sugar Inc
Dianping 大众点评
Solarflare Communications
Bubble Motion
ConSentry Networks
Redback Networks
Olive Software
Barracuda Networks
Turin Networks
Aster Data Systems
Elemental Security
NightFire Software
Mellanox Technologies
Aruba Networks
Clearwell Systems
Integration Associates
Ikanos Communications
Oorja Protonics
Mark Logic
Riverhead Networks
Cast Iron Systems
Conformia Software
Big Bear Networks
PortAuthority Technologies
Greenfield Networks
Covalent Technologies
Amobee Media Systems
Certus Software
Chelsio Communications
Equator Technologies
BRECIS Communications
Beceem Communications
Ruckus Wireless
Palo Alto Networks
24/7 Customer
Aceva Technologies
Symphony Metreo
Insider Pages
Actona Technologies
Challenge Games
A123 Systems
WiQuest Communications
Advanced Power Projects
Silent Communication
Dash Navigation
Green Dot Corporation

LinkedIn Overview

LinkedIn is an online network of more than 21 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries.

When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and partners. You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to…More»

Like thousands of many other websites that provide software to make quick money QProfit System also makes use of the similar template, we have seen on many websites. The only proof they have is testimonials from fake people. There are no previous trading records, or any statements from previous beta tests to confirm the accuracy.

There is another website similar to this is 1G Profit System. This website has the exact same layout as well as makes the same promises made by QProfit System. If you go to the website you will see that both of them are very similar because they use the same photos of people in testimonial section. It is almost like they have been copied and pasted which is very curious and shows that they both belong to the same person. Identifying such scams is very easy as they make it very obvious.

The website is not at all convincing because it does not have any content, instead they say that its exclusive member’s area where people can access automatic robot for trading and get 24/7 customer support. After knowing and seeing all these things it is hard to believe and we cannot go ahead and signup with real money. If you really want to check if it is genuine or not it would be a good idea to ask the creator for a demo account with the broker of your choice. There is no mention of a single example of trade done. You can also see this post.

When you visit their official page, along with the pop-up video, at the end of the page you will find 5 sections which are

  1. Home
  2. Website agreement
  3. Risk disclaimer
  4. Privacy policy
  5. Contact us

Some Of The Instructions Given In Risk Disclaimer

  • It does not give any warranties or guarantees that the user will make any profit or the user may not lose any deposited money.
  • Binary options trading is very high-risk trading and is not suitable for all members especially people who have no knowledge about trading whatsoever.
  • Investors who understand and consider economic and legal risks involved may register. It also says that people who want to invest may think about the financial status and their lifestyle so that if there is any loss in the investment they are not bankrupt.
  • The website also mentions that it will not provide any advice about binary options trading. Not only this but they are not going to provide you information about what assets they are going to use or any details about market and investment.

When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and partners. You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to you.

Your network consists of your connections, your connections’ connections, and the people they know, linking you to thousands of qualified professionals.«Less

 2029 Stierlin Court Mountain ViewCA 94043 Map it »
 Social Network

Facebook Overview

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

How to identify automated trading system scams

Automated trading systems have transformed the financial world in several ways. These automated systems manage billions of dollars’ worth of assets, hedge funds and other market indices on a daily basis. But these robots haven’t been welcomed by ranchers, farmers, and industrial companies. Then the chances of things going awry during rogue computers is another aspect that needs looking into. Despite that, automated trading systems are on the rise and more and more people are using them.

While they have several advantages like allowing you to trade even while sleeping and when you have no time, providing opportunities to those with little or no knowledge to trade and the ability to diversify your investments the scene is riddled with scams and cons. There are several genuine automated trading systems while an equal number of systems that are fraudulent. Here are a few tips to identify scams.

Tips to identify scams

  • Sites trying too hard to sell: Looks do not deceive. If you come across an automated trading system with a website that looks too “sales’” and with claims that sound far from true then your antennae must be up. Legitimate sites will not demand bells and whistles to attract your attention. They will just state facts supported by genuine testimonials.
  • Unsubstantiated promises: Promises like you can make several thousand in one hour are a clear give away on the nature of the website. Any claims not supported by acclaimed systems and other legitimate results are fakes.
  • Third party testing: Okay so the developer does provide results but how can you be sure that they are authenticated. Only third-party verification ensures that a trading system has been genuinely tested. Backtesting is another method to confirm the authenticity of a system but experts believe that it is not a foolproof method.
  • Trial Period: Genuine trading platforms offer a trial period of 30 to 60 days. The trial period is most often free. If the site asks you to pay up even during trial period you might want to reconsider your choice.

Parting Words

The rapidly changing economic and political scenario across the globe play an important role in trading. As a result, automated trading platforms need to be upgraded frequently based on the changing scenario. One name that is in vogue now is quantum code; if you are wondering “is Quantum Code a scam,” the above points will help dispel the darkness and guide you in making a well informed and educated choice.


Anyone can join Facebook
All that’s needed to join Facebook is a valid email address. To connect with coworkers or classmates, use…More»

Anyone can join Facebook
All that’s needed to join Facebook is a valid email address. To connect with coworkers or classmates, use your school or work email address to register. Once you register, join a regional network to connect with the people in your area.«Less

 156 University Avenue Palo AltoCA 94301 Map it »
 Social Network


  • Overview
  • Though binary options have gained increasing demand and popularity it has to be weighed for its disadvantages before trading with it. There are many people who earn a good profit because of this trading. It has its own pack of advantages and disadvantages.

    When trading with binary options some of the advantages to be considered are:

    1. High returns: It has become the most popular trading option as it has very good high returns attached to it. The trader is known to earn back at least 70% of the investment back by trading with it. This is a rare feature seen in most of the trading options seen these days.
    2. Exciting to work with: Binary options trading is the most exciting trading software to work with. It is a short-term and fast-paced There are several opportunities created with this software to earn profits and that is definitely exciting for all who trade with it.
    3. Most easy and simple software: Binary options are the simplest way to trade and earn money. It is all about making a bet whether the price of a particular asset you are trading will rise or not as expected. It might rise or even fall below the number that you have placed the bet. In this type of trading, the money that you will win or lose is clear before you place the bet or the trade. Since all these aspects are very certain and clear binary options trading is considered as most simple and easy trading option.

    Disadvantages of trading binary options:

    There are certain disadvantages that come along with this trading.

    1. The terms and conditions: The regulations with this binary options robot are plenty. Since it is a very new idea of trading the rules and regulations are very strict. It is possible to be a prey of such unauthorized illegal brokers and you can lose money. So look out for one who follows the regulations laid by the regulating agency.
    2. The loss is big: The big disadvantage with this trading system is the losses incurred are huge. There is the possibility of losing 100% of the investment also. So initially trade with smaller amounts and watch out for loss or profit before you invest hugely.

    Decide and then take the risk of investing in binary trading options. This is not for everyone to trade with as the loss can be huge.

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  • Competitors
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0  Why BPOVIA virtual assistant firm is better than Elance, ODesk, Guru?Elance, ODesk and Guru are trying to the “eBay of Outsourcing”. The idea is great but there are fundamental flaws in this model: Most of the bidders…

  • Source: (Company Blog)
  • Date: May 20, 2009
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0  85+ Tools & Resources for Freelancers and Web WorkersDeciding to become a freelance worker can be a scary proposition. Sure there is an allure to picking what projects you work on, but it can also be…

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0  How to Win Any Job on eLance, oDesk or Guru.comThis article was originally published on FreelanceSwitch but I decided to republish it on our blog because a lot of our readers are freelancers too.As…

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0  Facebook Developers Garage: UgandaFacebook senior engineer Charlie Cheever flew to Kampala, Uganda, a couple of weekends ago to lead a Facebook Developers Garage and teach 100+ East…

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1  CAREER TOOLBOX: 100+ Places to Find JobsDespite the current recession, there are plenty of companies in a variety of fields looking for qualified employees. Here are over 100 sites for job…

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